Mission Statement & Values

Providing a safe, nurturing, healthy and affordable daycare for families to inspire and maximize child’s growth, development and learning

Our Values & Beliefs:


We value:

  • The children individuality, interests and beliefs

  • The commitment and dedication of parents and our staff

  • The honesty, integrity, and trust as the foundation for all relationships

  • Our reputation as a long-term stable center for children, families, and staff



We Believe:


  • That child's basic needs must be met in a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment 

  • That early learning years have a significant impact on later development stages

  • That excellent-rounded learning is about developing personal traits, enjoying the surrounding environment, and following interests passions

  • That all children, regardless of ability, should have the opportunity to become independent and successful

  • That all staff have the right equitable, safe and healthy work environment

  • That early childhood educators are researchers, data gathers, learners and strategic contributors who are required for development improvement

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