Infant - Toddler Care

MyBaby Daycare is licensed to operate Infant-Toddler Program for ages ranging from 10 months to 36 months with 1:4 teacher to child ratio. 

Teaching science at an early age helps build a long lasting interest in the subject. It develops fine and motor skills and enhances problem-solving skills. Exploration is a great way to teach kids and enhances their interest in the world around them. 

Music and movement provides the ability for children to create movement and cooperate with other childern. It is a very strong way to strengthen a child's self-confidence. 

Arts area allows the children to develp intellectual, imaginary, emotional and physical skills. It enhances their ability to observe, recoginze and learn shapes, sizes, numbers, and letters. 

Physical fitness helps the child to be more active and explore his/her surroundings. It teaches children to share, work in groups, and over come challenges. 

The library corner contains multiple books that the children read and question. It increases discipline, sparks curiosity, enhances self-confidence and promotes maturity. 

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